Flimsy Reasons Men Give For Cheating And Get The Truth Why Men Cheat.

At times this question always pop up in my mind Why do men cheat? Its difficult to accept this because I am a man but it’s the truth and it hurts. But most guys have over  exaggerated the whole thing as they can’t stick to one girl or even two.  It’s crazy because most guys are very proud of the fact that they do cheat and making feel as if cheating is now and achievement. Here are some flimsy reasons men give for cheating:

1) Every guy wants to have sex with other women and when the opportunity arises, he takes it.

2) Its a man’s biological imperative to have sex with as many women as he can.

3) Some will say if they got enough sex at home they will not cheat so if they don’t they will have to cheat.

4) Others will be like I am just doing what my friends are doing 

5) lastly some will say if my girlfriend didn’t gain much weight I would not need to cheat.

Those are some of the reason that most guys will give which is wrong because cheating is cheating. But do you know the real reason why men cheat? Here we go:

1) Immaturity

Most men are like babies that never get satisfied with one thing they always want more. Men are immature in the sense that a mature person thinks before he does anything and a mature person will know that cheating is wrong and try to avoid it. Maturity comes when you learn to be contented with one woman and not two.

2) Co-Occuring issues

Many guys tend to cheat because they have issue with drugs or even alcohol. This addiction can lead you into temptation because once you are under the influence of alcohol you can’t control yourself so you end up doing things you are not suppose to and once you try it once you will want to so it again and again.
3) Revenge

The heart of a man is very vengeful and this pushes them to do bad things. Once a girl does something wrong to a guy he will always want to do it times two to the girl just to hurt her and cheating is always on their list. This revengeful attitude of men is always a problem in a relationship.

4) Selfishness

It is but normal for men to think only about themselves and what will satisfy them. That is just wrong because men will always want to satisfy their manhood and they want to try different dishes(women). This selfishness is always pushing them to cheat.

5) Insecurity/Peer pressure

It is very difficult for a guy to be around his friends who are talking about their numerous ladies and sex trip meanwhile he has just one girl in his life. This makes him feel not man enough because he is not keeping up with the trend. So the best thing for him to do to make him feel man enough is to keep up with the trend. So insecurity can really be dangerous.

Hope you’ve learnt one or two things from the short and simple expose. Try to be differeny , try to be unique and try not to be a cheat if you don’t then it means you can join the reality TV show “keeping up with the cheaters”…….Just kidding.


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