The Best Way To Break Up With Someone.

At certain points in a relationship there is always that time you will feel like your boo is not the one for you again unless you two are meant for each other. That love that you felt for your partner can suddenly disappear one day that lives you with one option which is to say “Its Over”. Most people don’t know how to handle this particular situation thereby letting their relationship end in a chaotic manner. Here are some tips to break up with your Lover in a respectful manner:
1) Take the Blame

Always try to take the blame be like its not you, its me. This is very important because the pain him/her is going to feel thinking that is her fault will subside. Make your partner know that you are the one who doesn’t deserve his/her love.
2) Do it at the right time

Some people can be really insensitive. How can you tell your lover that its over when her for example just lost her dad few days back? Who does thay ? Always try to look for the right time and Yes I know no time is right to break up to do it but you got to so what you got to do. Talked to your partner when him/she is less stressed and try to be sensitive.
3)Think before you talk

Think carefully about what you want to say before spitting out venom. Think how him/her is going to feel if you use a particular word in relaying your message.Put everything in order before you start talking. Also think about what you want and why you want a break up. But most importantly think about how your partner will react.
4) Have good intentions

If you plan on breaking up with some one, make sure your intention is for the best. For example you may fall in love with another person so the best thing to do is break up with him/her than leaving a lie. Make sure you are breaking up with your partner because you don’t want to hurt him/her or leading him/her on.
5) Be honest not brutal

It is very difficult to see a couple who became good friends after their break up. That is what we want to change because this always happen because of dishonesty. So try to be honest tell him/her how you feel about your relationship and that you can’t go on again because you don’t feel the way you used to feel. Sit him down and give him/her an elaborate reason why you get want to quit.
6) Lastly, always do it in person

Yes it might be difficult to look into you partners eye and say its over or I don’t love you but it’s much preferable than through text. Tell them in person even if they slap you, kick you, or punch you it’s better than leaving a lie and an unhappy life.
Your partners feeling and emotion should be the first thing on your mind If you chose to end your relationship. It’s better that way than staying in a relationship which you don’t want to. Yeah it will hurt him/her but is always better that way



    1. My dear I know is going to be difficult but try to make a difference and never you lose yourself and character due to pain and anger just be best you can be by following steps. Do things the right way


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