8 Characteristics Your Dream Guy Must Have.

Finding a man to be your boyfriend actually isn’t a difficult thing, the difficult part is finding a guy who deserves to be your life partner. In order to choose the right guy, below are 8 Characteristics your dream guy must have:

1) He Treats You Well

He doesn’t have to treat you like a princess and spoil you everyday, but he knows what he has to do to show his love and he will never hurt you and if he does hurt you he makes sure he apologizes and make things write.
2)He is a man of his word

Your dream guys yes should be his yes and his no should be his know. That is very vital in a relationship. When he promises that you are his only Boo  he should not give you any reason to doubt.
3) He must love you inside and out

Your dream guy must love you inside and out. This means that he should not only love your physical appearance, he should love all your strength and weaknesses, all your perfect imperfections. That matters a lot .
4) He must have a bright future

Let’s face it no girl will want to get married to a jobless person poor will be rude. That is why you must make sure your dream guy must be ambitious, hardworking and good at what he does. Bottom line he should have a Job at least a survival Job if things get to the worst.
5) He should be able to guide and protect you.

Your dream guy should be that person who influences you positively who makes you dream and aspire to be great even when you are  at your worst. Your dream guy should always be ready to protect you from any danger even jumping in front of a train for you ( hope there is a guy like that).
6) He should be confident 

Every woman will definitely like a guy who is confident if you don’t then too bad because a confident guy makes things happen, he doesn’t let any one boss him around and he is ready to air out his feeling in front of any one without no fear.
7) He should be an independent guy.

When I say independent I mean a guy who can devote time to his family and other activities. A guy who can always do other activities and hang around other people without clingy to you like a treasure map. I mean will you like a guy who is so possessive and clingy ? Nope right so let your dream guy be independent.
8)  He should be appreciative of you.

Your dream guy should be able to notice every little thing you do for him. When you try your best to look pretty, he praises you. When you cook for him he says thank you. When you dress for him he says wow you look gorgeous. 

So chose you guy wisely and you will have the best love story ever.


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